Panagiotis Fasoulas v Vangelis Liolyou: “Will his destructive work continue in Greek arbitration? “

He spoke about the situation in the Greek arbitration, criticizing the President of the EEC , . Through a communication issued by the “Basket First” party of which Panayiotis Fasoulas leads, he commented on the state of Greek arbitration, criticizing the administration exercised by the President of the EEC, Vangelis Lio. “All of you, to whom we address, live in your skin the arbitration of the Liolius era,” he says and concludes with the question: “Will V. Liolios continue his destructive work (KAI) in the Greek Arbitration? ’ is reported among others. The announcement: In September 2021, in his 1st interview as President of the EEC Vangelis Liolios, announced H. Christodoulou as EC Arbitration Advisor, as responsible for the Observers’ Corps and the Education of Referees, announced the “new” three-member CED with N. Pitsilka President and members of K. Mousakis and D. Beatis, stated that his goal is to come out good referees who are leading in Europe and that “it is a key part for this arbitration itself,” he put himself very high up the bar, promised that he would take care of “the cokutsia being in the middle”, he stressed that “instead of talking about a problem, we should solve it”, he called for “to judge him strictly for arbitration, and that he would take personal responsibility.” Three years later: · No Greek referee was judged capable of participating in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris . · In the Euroleague – with the exception of Giannis Foufis who has not been participating in games inside for years – Greek referees rarely get definition. · In the BCL we have only one representative G. Pursanidis with fewer definitions than ever. · For the first time in history there have been cases of referees who have been checked for illegal acts outside the border, even one of the very close associates today of the President. Mr Christodoulou, without any explanation, resigned or was forced to resign at the beginning of his 2nd year of cooperation with the EEC and V. Liolios. · N. Pitsilkas, who also replaced him disappeared without explanation. · The CED today is five members and, continuing the tactics of its predecessor, he has also appointed as members of the CED non-active referees who do not meet the requirements of the Sports Act regarding their selection criteria. · Games of the association from which V. Liolios comes run certain referees. · Referees, such as G. Pursanidis, “are punished” with the “democratic” concept of family responsibility because he is not liked by the President, Kostas’ brother. · “Friends of him”, with a special past, appear as those who pull the strings in the Greek Arbitration. Top referees of the past, foreshadowing the iconic President of ODKE Costas Municipality, a form of global arbitration and a member of the FIBA Hall of Fame, often strongly express their concern about the way the Greek arbitration has taken in the years of V. Liolios. Regarding the non-definition of a Greek referee in the Olympics Games K. Municipality wrote in the NCD : unfortunately unrelated entrepreneurs with ignorance of the object, destroy, improvise, thinking that they are their franchise shops… I just express my concerns about our huge creation that unfortunately destroy. Good night! We can continue for hours to write “achievements” of the Liolius administration. You don’t have to because all of you, to whom we are addressing, are living in your skin the arbitration of the Liolius era. We want to ask him: Does he personally take responsibility for what has been done and especially for what has not been done? Will V. Liolios continue his destructive work (KAI) in the Greek Arbitration?

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