Pan-educational rally in Athens – Which roads will be closed

Pan-educational to which they give the present students from all over Greece takes place in with protesters reacting to the passage of the bill on private universities. Students, students and teachers gather in Propylaia, while then heading to protest to the House. The current rally of students, teachers and clubs in the center of Athens has stated that they support OLME, ADEDY, IOC, POSDEP and ODPE. It is worth noting that many university departments remain under occupation for the 9th week, with the courses of the spring semester in these schools being conducted by digital means. Traffic arrangements Closed is expected to be the center of Athens and specifically from 12:00 to afternoon – evening hours, due to the gatherings of students, the ADEDY strike and the meetings for International Women’s Day, resulting in a traffic heart attack on the main streets of the capital. According to EL.A. the participation of a large number of people from associations, working centres, teachers, student and student clubs, as well as other bodies and colleges is expected. In this context, ‘with a view to ensuring the right of citizens to meet’, the Greek Police will take the necessary traffic measures, where appropriate, with diversions and traffic interruptions, so that ‘the social and economic life of the city will not be overly disturbed’. In particular, traffic arrangements will be applied gradually and on a case-by-case basis – where necessary and depending on the movement of the protesters – on roads around Propylea, Omonia Square (Patissia, Aeolus, etc.), Syntagma Square (Othonos, Amalia Avenues and Vasilissi Sophia), as well as on the roads of the University, Stadium and Academy. The drivers of the vehicles are requested to avoid moving to these roads until the completion of the meetings – mobilizations.