OSE for the near news Tempe in Acharnes: “Telecom administration has worked” – The Agency’s response

Communication concerning the incident on 23 December 2023, with a near train collision at the Railway Centre (SKA), issued by the . As the OSE reports on Acharnes, “on the incident of 23 December 2023, it is noted that the telegovernment system worked and was updated in time at operational level to avoid an accident.” According to the OSE, “it was done in the western SKA area, where the line of the Suburban from Kiato converges with the line of descent of the railway axis from Thessaloniki to Athens. Trains, before being immobilized, were moving on converging lines rather than frontal, after a red signal breach.” The OSE informed the Railway Regulatory Authority (RAC) in order to reach a conclusion, both on its part and on the part of Hellenic Train, as envisaged, in order to avoid corresponding incidents in the future, is noted in the Communication. Finally, the Agency notes that it has already initiated all the procedures for drawing up the relevant finding.