Oscar 2024 – Killian Murphy: The tender kiss to his wife – “Thank you for being my companion in life and art”

Killian Murphy shared a tender kiss with his wife and thanked her for being “a companion to life and art”, as she received the first male role for the incarnation of the father of the atomic bomb in Christopher Nolan’s “Openheimer” film. The 47-year-old actor, who comes from Cork, Ireland, was along with his 51-year-old wife Yvonnes McGinness, as the “atomic bomb” Oppenheimer swept the Oscars with seven awards in the 96th award in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (10.03.2024). The couple, who first met in the 1990s and joined in the matrimony in 2004, shared a sweet kiss and looked into the eyes before Killian came on stage to receive the famous best actor award for his role as Julius Robert Oppenheimer. As he paid tribute to those who supported him on his journey, the actor stated: “Yvonne McGinness, my partner in life and art. My two boys, Malaki and Aran sitting up there. I love you so much.” Killian Murphy said he “confused” he won, adding: “I’m a very proud Irishman standing here tonight”. He then lifted his Oscar into the air and the crowd applauded him. Despite his steady rise to world fame in recent years, Killian Murphy has managed to maintain a low-ton family life – partly thanks to his wife’s undivided support. Appearing on the Desert Island Discs show, which was broadcast by BBC Radio 4 last month, the actor said her wife’s help was vital in helping him adapt to Hollywood. Behind a successful man is a woman and that seems to be true in the case of the Irish actor. “I don’t think I could do anything I’ve accomplished without her and my kids, admits. The couple – who avoids the lights of publicity – have been together for over 28 years and have two sons. Killian and Yvonne first met in the 1990s, when he starred in a play titled Disco Pigs, which refers to two Irish teenagers and was later made in a film. After a successful course in Dublin, the project was subsequently moved to Edinburgh, London, Australia and the US, and Irish musician Yvonnes McGinness was thus involved. Speaking to Guardian in 2016, the actor stated: “At the time, the creation of Disco Pigs, was somehow the most important period of my life. The people I met there remain my closest friends. They shaped me as to what I wanted to do with my life. And it was about the same time I met my wife. He came with us on a tour. It was so exciting 20 years ago. We were all just kids, trying to find our way but it was such a special, special moment.” Yvonne grew up in Kilkeni, Ireland and studied at the Cork Institute of Technology. In 2001, the couple are said to have moved to London, so that Yvonne could study for her master’s degree at Royal College of Art. Yvonne’s uncle is Irish politician Jim McGinness and her grandfather Michael McGinness has also been the longest-lived councillor in Kilkeni since 1959–1999. The couple married in 2004 and is said to have held the ceremony at the vineyard of her father Yvonne in France. However, the couple never publicly commented on this rumor nor admitted where his marriage took place. The following year, the couple welcomed their first son Malaki – with Aran following in 2007. Although the family lived in London at the time, Killian and Yvonne decided to return to Dublin to raise their children. He told The Guardian: “We wanted them to be Irish, I guess. It’s amazing how quickly their accent adapted.” In 2005, Killian also ruled out any possibility of moving to the US for work and praised Yvonne for her continued support. The actor stated to People magazine: “I don’t have to live in Los Angeles. I would be terribly far from my family – I would never see them.” While Killian’s career has skyrocketed over the past two decades, Yvonne also created short films. Last summer, Killian Murphy revealed that it was Yvonne’s idea to reconstruct Claire Keegan’s novel “Small Things Like These” in a film. Speaking to Guardian in a separate interview, Killian recalls that he told her: “No, there is no way [rights are available]”. To his great pleasure, the Irish actor’s agent told him that the book rights had not been purchased – which prompted him to propose the idea to Matt Damon, who has his own studio. In yesterday’s Oscar Awards Yvonne chose to wear a black long dress without shoulders, whose cleavage was descending into inflatable sleeves. The fitting bust also resulted in a tight skirt. Irish visual artist completed her monochrome appearance with a choker necklace. The whole filled out with a clutch bag and simple jewelry. Wear red lipstick and choose for makeup the smootheyes. Yvonne was not missing from her husband’s side even when she won the best actor award for his role in the Oppenheimer film in the Golden Globes. After his victory was announced, Yvonne was thrown out of her position and gave her husband a quick kiss – resulting in him joking about red lipstick in her mouth during his speech. During his speech, Killian called himself “the luckiest man”. “To my family. I am the luckiest man and I love you,” he said. Killian Murphy’s speech at the Oscars “I’m a little shocked. Thank the Academy, Chris Nolan and [producer] Emma Thomas. It was the craziest, most exciting, most creatively satisfying journey you’ve taken me on in the last 20 years. I owe you more than I can say. Every crew member, every cast member in Oppenheimer, you carried me. All my prospective colleagues, I remain in awe of you. Really… I’m a very proud Irishman standing here tonight. We made a film about the man who created the atomic bomb and well or bad, we all live in the world of Oppenheimer, so I would really like to dedicate this prize to all peacemakers.” Photo source: Reuters

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