Oscar 2024: John Cena was not ultimately naked

Although actor John Cena seemed to appear entirely as he presented the award for the best costumes at their ceremony, it actually seems that things were not exactly so… Photos from behind the scenes show Cena standing on an Oscar corridor wearing a underwear in the skin color to cover the controversial points, in case there was an accident while he would appear… naked on stage. Cena ascended the stage wearing only a huge envelope and a pair of Birkenstock for the delivery of the gold statuette in the category of “suits”. This setting was meant to show how important suits are. The award went to designer Holly Waddington, for the costumes of George Lanthimos “Poor Things”. Photo source: Photo by Al Seib/A.M.P.A. S. via Getty Images During the candidates’ presentation, Cena was “dressed” with a curtain so that he could pick up the envelope and read it. However, his appearance was considered one of the highlights of the evening. All this was a tribute to a dramatic moment of the Oscars of the past. “At the 46th Oscar Awards, in 1974, David Niven was in the middle of Elizabeth Taylor’s presentation when a naked man ran on stage,” said host Jimmy Kimmel as he featured John Sheena.

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