Oscar 2024: John Cena gave a naked award

With the mouth left open those found in this year’s 2024 awards, after John Cena came out… for delivering the gold statuette in the category “Makiyaz & Hairdressing” and “Cost”. On the occasion of a scene that occurred 50 years ago, Oscar presenter Jimmy Kimmel told wrestler and actor John Cena, to run naked on the stage of Dolby Theatre naked! The 46th Oscar Award in 1974 stayed in history due to an unexpected incident. A man appeared as his mom gave birth to him from nowhere on stage, making the signal of peace. John Sheena jokingly said he did not want to run naked, however he presented the nominations for the category “Makeyaz & Hairdressing” and “Cost” without clothes and underwear. This setting was intended to show the importance of costumes while on stage Jimmy Kimmel helped John Sheena dress up in a rough cloak. The award went to designer Holly Waddington, for the costumes of George Lanthimos “Poor Things”.

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