Oscar 2024: Emma Stone’s tears, George Lanthimus’ advice and accident

Once, Jennifer Lawrence, on her way up to the stage to pick her up, had fallen down the stairs. Or she stayed up, but the accident didn’t get away with it. Confirming the predictions, Emma Stone won Oscar I of a female role for her performance as Bella Baxter in George Lanthimou’s Poor Things. This year, the prizes of the protagonists (I’ or II’) presented five older winners. So when last year’s winner, Michelle Yeo, announced that Oscar I of a female role goes to Emma Stone, the protagonist of Poor Things and muse of George Lanthimos, stood up to receive her award. But on the stage she realized that something was wrong with her dress, which was probably torn in the back. “My dress is broken. I’m sure it happened during I am just Ken (ed. of the song by Barbie performed by Ryan Gosling and stirred up Dolby Theatre),” said Emma Stone, making everyone laugh. “My dress is broken. I’m pretty sure it happened during ‘I’m Just Ken.’” Emma Stone has a hilarious start to her Oscars acceptance speech for Best Actress for “Poor Things. ” — ABC News (@ABC) “Sandra, Anette, Carey, Lily: I share it with us. She is grateful to you,” Emma Stone told her fellow candidate, with tears starting to run out of her eyes. He revealed that a few days ago he felt panic in front of the Oscars. But George Lanthimos advised her to put it out of her mind because, in the end, it was a group effort. “Yorgo, thank you for the gift of life you gave me by offering me the role of Bella Baxter,” Stone told the Error. “Sandra, Annette, Carey, Lily: I share this with you. I am in awe of you.” Emma Stone accepts the Oscar for Best Actress for “Poor Things.” — ABC News (@ABC) With tears in her eyes, Poor Things’s lead pleased her parents, brothers, husband, and daughter who in a few days turns three years old.

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