Oscar 2024: Emma Stone’s open zipper, Lisa Cosy’s tuba and Ryan Gosling’s eyebrows

It was a ceremony without particularly unexpected and surprises, since for many it was given where it was expected, while guests – actors, co-factors – had the best behavior. So this year, those who attended the awards saw no slaps or falls on stage, no epic sardams or live protests on the Oscar stage. There was a lot that happened to Oscar’s red carpet and after parties that followed and we’ll never know. However, some moments were captured by the cameras. Emma Stone’s dress. Oscar First Women’s Role winner Emma Stone faced a technical problem with her dress, as she opened the outer zipper and received the gold statuette with an open zipper… In fact, she handled it with absolute calm, saying that probably the zipper broke when she cheered in Ryan Gosling’s song “I am Just Ken”. Liza Koshy’s tuba Actor and teleson Liza Koshy impressed with a dazzling red toilet. However, she just walked into the special shaped area of the red carpet to pose with her dress and show the photographers the unique creation slipped and found wide over the red carpet. See this post on Instagram. Ryan Gosling’s eyebrows separate mention must be made of Ryan Gosling’s eyebrows, which, as in front of the photographic lens they acquired their own… entity. See this post on Instagram.

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