Oscar 2024: Best film Oppenheimer – Triumph Lanthimu, 4 awards for Poor Things

The big night for him turned into a triumph: Of the 11 Oscars that Poor Things claimed, he won the four, that is, what everyone expected. Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, out of the 13 awards he claimed, won the seven. One could say that their 96th award ceremony was a… boring ceremony, without fragility (slaps, wrong winners, for example), with Jimmy Kimmel being his… self, with the thrill of spare and the political reason missing. Loyal to his appointment, newsit.gr carried you out minute by minute what happened at Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles. Oppenheimer and Poor Things shared the Oscars the lead roles. Oscar I of male role was won by Killian Murphy for Oppenheimer, confirming the prognosis. Oscar I Women’s Role, won by Emma Stone for George Lanthimou’s Poor Things! The Direction Award, from the hands of legendary Stephen Spielberg, received Christopher Nolan, winning George Wrong. The last prize of the evening was presented by the great Al Pacino, who… hesitated for a while until he announced that the Best Film Award wins the Openheimer. The first Oscar of the evening was the second female role, with Devine Joy Randolph from Alexander Payne’s “Children of Winter” winning the statuette. Oscar II Men’s role was won by Robert Downey Jr. for Oppenheimer. George Lanthimu’s film took its first three Oscars in the categories of makeup, stage and costume! In the editing category, George Mavrosaridis and Poor Things lost the Oscar to Jennifer Lime and Oppenheimer. Epic was the way the costume Oscar was presented, with Jimmy Kimmel and John Sheena setting up sketches on the occasion of the “invasion” of a naked man at the 1974 ceremony. And completely naked, only with the envelope hiding the… controversial points, he showed up to present the costume Oscar. When he had to move the file, Kimmel threw something… rough! We’re seein’ a lot of John Cena Tonight! 👀 — ABC News (@ABC) For the first time this year, the award ceremony starts so early, at 01:00 Greek time. In fact, as host Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, he started an hour (for the US) earlier but a few minutes after the scheduled. Jimmy Kimmel was admitted to Dolby Theatre with standing observation or… partially standing observation as he said. As usual, the Oscar presenter, made the start “intangible” all candidates. And he did not miss his reference to George Lanthimos and George Mavrosaridis, the two Georges of Oscars. And he made a pun that if either one of them wins, then someone could say Yorgos is as good as mine. Particularly touching was the moment Jimmy Kimmel wanted to thank the technicians and those working behind the cameras, and who supported screenwriters and actors in their nearly three-month strike, refusing to work. He invited them to the stage and the whole theater applauded them standing. Host Jimmy Kimmel honors people who work behind the scenes in the film industry “for standing with us” during recent Hollywood strikes. “I’m gonna make sure this show goes really long tons so you get a ton of overtime.” — ABC News (@ABC) The Oscars Best Film American Fiction Anatomy of a Fall Barbie The Children of Winter The Killers of the Flowered Moon Maestro Oppenheimer Past Lives Poor Things Area of Interest “Oppenheimer” takes home the Oscar for Best Picture! — ABC News (@ABC) Directed by Jonathan Glazer (Vivid of Interest) George Lanthimos (Poor Things) Christopher Nolan (Oppenheimer) Zistin Triet (Anatomy of a Fall) Martin Scorsese (The Killers of the Flowered Moon) Christopher Nolan accepts his first Oscar for Achievement in Directing for “Oppenheimer. “ — ABC News (@ABC) I Men’s Role Bradley Cooper (The Maestro) Coleman Domingo (Rustin) Paul Giamatti (The Children of Winter) Killian Murphy (Oppenheimer) Jeffrey Wright (American Fiction) Chilean Murphy accepts the Oscar for Best Actor for “Oppenheimer.” It’s his first Oscar win and first nomination. — ABC News (@ABC) 1 Female Role Annette Benning (Nyad) Lily Gladstone (The Killers of the Flowered Moon Sandra Uller (Anatomy of a Fall) Carey Mulligan (Maestro) Emma Stone (Poor Things) “Sandra, Annette, Carey, Lily: I share this with you. I am in awe of you.” Emma Stone accepts the Oscar for Best Actress for “Poor Things.” — ABC News (@ABC) 2nd Men’s Role Sterling K. Brown (American Fiction) Robert De Niro (The Killers of the Flowered Moon) Robert Downy Jr. (Oppenheimer) Ryan Gosling (Barbie) Mark Rafalo (Poor Things) “I’d Like to Thank My Terrible Childhood and the Academy in That Order.” Robert Downey Jr. Accepts his first Oscar for Actor in a Supporting Role for “Oppenheimer.” — ABC News (@ABC) B’ Women’s Role Emily Blund (Oppenheimer) Daniel Brooks (The Color Purple Actor) Jonder (Nothers) Jondt (Nothers) ” — ABC News (@ABC) Custom American Fiction Screenplay, Cord Jefferson Barbie, Noah Boback, Greta Gerwig Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan Poor Things, Tony McNamara Zone of Interest, Jonathan Glazer “I felt so much joy making this move and I wanted other people to experience that joy…. The next Martin Scorsese is out there…they just want a shot.” Cord Jefferson accepts the award for Best Adapted Screenplay for “American Fiction. ” — ABC News (@ABC) Original Screenplay Anatomy of a Fall, Artir Arari, Zistin Trie The Children of Winter, David Hemingson Maestro, Bradley Cooper, Josh Singer May December, Sammy Birch, Alex Mekak Passed Lives, Celine Song Justine Triet and Arthur Harari accept the award for Best Original Screenplay for “Anatomy of a Fall.” — ABC News (@ABC) German Fendrix Musical (Poor Things) Ludwig Goranson (Oppenheimer) Laura Carpman (American Fiction) Robbie Robertson (The Killers of the Flowered Moon) John Williams (Indiana Jones and the Disk of Destiny) Barbie Costumes (Jaklin Daran) The Killers of the Flowered Moon (Jaklin West) Napoleon, Jadi Yates (David Crosman) Oppenheimer (Ellen Miroznik) Poor Things (Holly Waddington) Holly Waddington accept the award for Best Costume Design for “Poor Things. ” — ABC News (@ABC) Photo Hoete van Hoytema (Oppenheimer) Ed Lakman (El Conde) Matthew Libatic (Maestro) Rodrigo Prietto (The Killers of the Flowered Moon) Robbie Ryan (Poor Things) Hoyte Van Hoytema accept the Oscar for Achievement in Cinematography for “Oppenheimer. “ — ABC News (@ABC) Montage Anatomy of a Fall (Loran Senesal) Winter Children (Kevin Ted) The Killers of the Flowered Moon (Thelma Skunmaker) Oppenheimer (Jennifer Lime) Poor Things (George Mavrosaridis) Jennifer Lame accepts the Oscar for Achievement in Film Editing for “Oppenheimer. “ — ABC News (@ABC) Best Song It Never Went Away – John Batiste, Dan Wilson (American Symphony) What Was I Made For? – Billy Eilis, Finneas (Barbie) Wahzhazhazhe (A Song for My People) – The Osage Tribe (The Killers of the Flowered Moon) I’m Just Ken – Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt (Barbie) The Fire Inside – Diane Warren (Flamin’ Hot) Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell accept the Oscar for Best Original Song for “What Was I Made For?” from “Barbie.” — ABC News (@ABC) Stage Barbie Production Design: Sarah Greenwood, Set Decoriation: Katie Spencer The Killers of the Flowered Moon Production Design: Jack Fisk, Set Decoration: Adam Willis Napoleon Production Design: Arthur Max, Set Decoration: Eli Griff Oppenheimer Production Design: Ruth De Zhong, Set Decoration: Claire Koffman Poor Things Production Design: James Price, Sona Heath, Set Decoration: Zuza Michalek James Price, Shona Heath and Zsuzsa Michalek accept the award for Best Production Design for “Poor Things. ” — ABC News (@ABC) International Film Io Capitano (Mateo Garone, Italy) Society of the Snow (Huan Antonio Bayona, Spain) In the Office of Teachers (Ilker Chatak, Germany) Zone of Interest (Jonathan Glazer, United Kingdom) Perfect Days (Vim Venters, Japan) “Zone of Interest,” a UK film, wins Best International Feature Film. — ABC News (@ABC) Film Animation Film The Boy and the Hero In their Element Nimona Robot Dreams Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Documentary – Great Lengths Bobi Wine: The People’s President The Eternal Memory Four Daughters To Kill a Tiger 20 Days in Mariupol “Probably I will be the first director on this stage who will say I wish I never made this film.” Mstyslav Chernov, Michelle Mizner and Rainy Aronson-Rath accept the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature Film for “20 Days in Mariupol. ” — ABC News (@ABC) Documentary – Small Lengths The ABCs of Book Banning The Barber of Little Rock Island in Between The Last Repair Shop N Deadly Revenge Part First Napoleons The team behind “‘Godzilla Minus One’ accept the award for Best Visual Effects. — ABC News (@ABC) Audio The Maker Maestro Dangerous Mission: Death Revenge Part One Oppenheimer Zone Interest Tarn Willers and Johnnie Burn accept the Oscar for Achievement in Sound for “Zone of Interest.” — ABC News (@ABC) Hairdressing and Makeup Golda Maestro Oppenheimer Poor Things Society of the Snow Nadia Stacey, Mark Coulier and Josh Weston accept the award for Best Makeup and Hairsty for “Poor Things. ” — ABC News (@ABC) Small Lengths Film – Animation Letter to a Pig Ninety-Five Senses Our Uniforme Pachyderm War is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko Filmmakers behind “War Is Over! Inspiring by the Music of John & Yoko” accept the award for Best Animated Short Film. — ABC News (@ABC) Small Length Film – Live Action The After Invincible Knight of Fortune Red, White and Blue The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar