Oscar 2024 Awards: The 96th live award ceremony and exclusive to COSMOTE TV

The 96 ® award ceremony is approaching and the great film evening that is of Greek interest due to the 11 nominations of George Lanthimos’ “Poor Things” will be aired for 8th consecutive year, live and exclusively on Sunday 10/3 at 01:00. The transmission of the brilliant ceremony will be carried out by COSMOTE CINEMA OSCARS HD with Greek commentary by Thodori Koutsogiannopoulos and Josephina Grieveas. On the same day (Sunday 10/3, 01:00), COSMOTE TV will also have the patrons of “Olympion”, as 96 the award ceremony will be aired live in cinema, as part of the 26th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. The entrance to the event will take place with a zero ticket issued by the Festival’s funds. OSCARS pulse from 21:30. TV coverage of the awards will start on Sunday 10/3 from 21:30 (COSMOTE CINEMA OSCARS HD & simultaneously on COSMOTE TV’s official YouTube channel), through the special show “OSCARS’ Night”. Host Thodoris Koutsogiannopoulos, along with guests from the field of entertainment and Art who will be at COSMOTE TV’s studio, will comment on the nominations and make predictions for the winners. At the same time, COSMOTE TV correspondent in Los Angeles, George Satsidis with continuous live connections will transfer the climate to the viewers of “OSCARS’ Night”, up to just before the ceremony starts and will record everything that is happening outside the Dolby Theater. COSMOTE TV for another year is the only Greek television network to be located on the “red” carpet of the leading film institution. All night of OSCAR (“red” carpet, award ceremony) will be shown with subtitles (Monday 11/3, 19:30, COSMOTE CINEMA OSCARS HD). In addition, this year, for the first time, all broadcasts will be available on Replay TV for 7 days, but also on demand up to 23/3.