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    (Title) murderousness the July to immigrants in Arizona and even before the entry into force of the racist law, SB 1070, which essentially criminalizes immigrants with no papers or, as more 60 died in the deserts of the state, trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico.

    total since early 2010, 150 immigrants have died in their attempt to enter the U.S. from Arizona and more than 1650 since 2001, as reported by the forensic department of the Pima County (PCME). He said that as the summer progresses and temperatures rise, the number of dead immigrants will increase even more, and therefore already ordered special “refrigerated truck” for the preservation of corpses, and the forensic service can keep up to 200 bodies and is already filled …

    deaths only “accidents” are not. Summer is not only contributing to the increase in undocumented immigrants who lose their lives in quest of work, is the law of Arizona that will help to further sclerosis and persecution that would compel them to enter the more remote desert regions. It is the policy of the U.S. government, which continues the militarization of the border and the expulsion of immigrants leads to more dangerous “path” that threaten their lives. It’s the same policy even if they manage to escape and reach a city, nor is it safe. It is also the policy chosen by the government of President Barack Obama, Bush extended the policy of “safe communities”. A program which migrants caught en masse, lead to local prisons (mainly private) or in secret detention. Then, with cross-checking against the database of the Immigration Service and U.S. Customs (ICE), who can not be tried and imprisoned summarily deported. Even babies and children. According to official figures, 47,000 have been expelled from the early years, the agency noted the AP, referring to the expulsions from the various secret detention facilities under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security, called «sub-field offices» (offices, paragraphs). According to calculations by the authors, about half a million people held in secret detention centers scattered in suitable underground parking spaces and public buildings, shopping centers, which “house” for 84% of all “illegal immigrants” seized by sheriffs of ICE.

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