Opens to the public in the Rotunda in Thessaloniki

With a festive music event at 8 tonight…
Ephorate of Antiquities of City of Thessaloniki marks the return of the Rotunda to the public after 40 years.
The primary aim and absolute priority of the Inspectorate since its inception, a year ago, has been the completion of the maintenance works, restoration and enhancement of the Rotunda, in order for this unique and iconic monument of the city, registered on the World Heritage list of UNESCO, rendered after almost 40 years to the public.
The completion of this project, through the Public Investment Programme of the ministry of Culture & Sport, is of paramount importance, as it opens a new chapter in the cultural life of Thessaloniki, completes the enhancement of the wider archaeological axis at the center of the city with the palace complex and the arch of Galerius and demonstrates the dynamics of cooperation in good faith with the District, the Municipality and the Metropolis.
The public today for the first time, you can visit this impressive monument, free from the scaffolding and admire the unique art and beauty of mosaics in all their glory. This experience will be enhanced by the festive atmosphere that will create the entities that collaborate selflessly for the organization of the music event, which was designed especially for the specific event.
The Union deputy minister of education “John of Damascus”, the Choir “Yannis Mantakas” of the Aristotle University, the Symphony Orchestra of the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki, and the Russian Male Choir “Μπλαγκοζβόνιτσα”, comes specifically from Moscow, with the offer of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation, will present a program in the spirit of the day and of the universality of Christianity, which includes hymns of Christmas from the East and the West.
The entrance will have priority.