Only these two things that kids need to be happy!

Children who grow up in traditional and happy families, having close to them and their parents, and eating regularly…
with them, you are more likely to have a later happy lives.
This is the conclusion of a new british survey of about 100,000 people in 40,000 households in the context of the great research features As reported in the british Telegraph eating a child along with his family, at least three times a week, is a key factor for the creation of close links with parents.
The study confirmed the central importance of the traditional family unit for the development of the children and balance them when they grow up. Among other things, it was also found that married couples are more likely to be happy in their relationship, in relationship with the unmarried, as also that the collapse of a family (e.x. due to separation of parents) do more harm to the child and to live in poverty.
“Not living with both natural parents of a child, has a greater negative effect on the degree of satisfaction in later life, even from the physical state that is” in accordance with the research. The study even found that “the relationships between the same parents and with their children is important for the mental and emotional development of the latter and for the stability of families”. Still, stresses that “children are most happy with the family situation, if parents are happy with the relationship they have between them.”
On the other hand, bullying by siblings can have serious consequences for a child’s behavior and performance at school, as well as for the subsequent mental health. Yet, research suggests that it is vital for the well-being of children to be able to discuss the important issues that concern them, with at least one member of their family, as well as to not wrangle every once in a while with their parents and with their siblings.