One million geese in the sky


An amazing spectacle enjoyed by those who find themselves in the national park of Canada Squaw Creek in the days of the migration of geese in hot climates. See photos and video.

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Track 5 Phantom: Richard White A mysterious voice summons Carriere through a secret panel. It leads to the Phantom’s domain. Here Carriere and the Phantom meet. It seems they know each other! The Phantom tells Carriere that Joseph Buquet is dead because he found out where the Phantom lives and saw the Phantom’s face. The despairing Phantom asks how Carriere could have let this happen. It’s Carriere’s job to keep people from coming down! Carriere tells him he’s been replaced. To the Phantom, its the worst possible news. Who will protect him now? But worse news is coming. He hears Carlota vocalizing. The woman has a terrible voice! He learns that she is now in charge, and will pick the opera season, and sing whenever she likes. He cannot allow it! Hearing this is a torment worse than any he’s ever known. Carriere, unable to help, leaves. The Phantom, all alone, asks the heavens Where in the World is a voice that can truly sing. The Phantom needs beauty in order to exist.