On what terms will the third energy storage auction be held – In summer the tender for RES projects

In the same direction as the first two successful storage will be the third one expected to take place at the end of March with a capacity of 300 MW offered. As Ioannis Charalambides, Head of the RES & Storage Directorate of RAAY said a few days ago, the third competition will concern energy storage projects in municipalities of Western Macedonia, in former lignite areas, while other areas are to be included, following a recommendation from the IPTO and following an amendment to the relevant ministerial decision to be included. The third round of invitations to tender will be open to the runner-up of the two previous tenders. In addition, the levels of both operating and investment aid are expected to be the same as the second tender. In other words, we are talking about investment aid of EUR 100,000 per megawatt and a ‘tavanny’ of offers of EUR 115 000 per megawatt per year for the subsidy. Apart from storage, Mr. Charalambides also mentioned the next competition for RES projects, which is expected to take place during the summer. He stated in this regard that through the upcoming ministerial decision it would also involve battery-operated RES projects. It is worth noting that the RIS has stated that from now on it will raise the percentage of production cuts that will accept any projects that take part in competitions with a provision for battery installation to free up space on the network. The relevant decision in the details at issue is expected with market interest.