Olympic: The rival of the “reds” in the Youth League Final Four with the background of the final

After winning 3-1 against Bayern Munich for his quarterfinals he qualified for the Final Four of the event, where he already knows his next opponent. In particular, Olympiacos achieved a dream appearance of Bayern Munich 3-1 in their game for the quarterfinals of the Youth League, with the total of Sotiris Sylaidopoulos qualifying for the Final Four of the event to be held in Nyon. The “reds” in the semifinals will face the winner of the Nant – Copenhagen couple, with the sole goal that Olympiacos will qualify for the Youth League “great” final. The Olympiacos race for the Final Four semi-finals will take place on Friday (19/04/24) at the sports centre “Colovrei”, home of the local Stand Nionet. The program of semifinals in the Youth League 19/04 Olympiacos – Nant or Copenhagen 19/04 Mainz or Porto – Milan or Real The Final 22/04 Winner semi-final 1 – Winner semi-final 2

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