Olympiacos will face Nant in the Youth League semifinals

He will face Nad in his semi-finals, with the French qualifying for Copenhagen and being the next rival of the “reds”. Olympiacos learned the team he will find against him in the Youth League semifinals, with Nad who qualified against Copenhagen, entering the road of the “reds”. In a terrible match ending 3–3, the French won 5–4 in the penalty and took the second ticket to Final Four in the Youth League to be held in Nyon, Switzerland. We recall that Olympiacos took a terrible 3-1 win against Bayern Munich in the coaching of the Germans, with the “babies” of Sotiris Sylaidopoulos dreaming finals. The results of the Bayern quarterfinals – Olympiacos 1-3 Nant – Copenhagen 5-4 p.m., 3-3 et seq. 13/03/17:00 Milan – Real 13/03/ 19:00 Mainz – Porto The program of the semi-finals 19/04 Olympiacos – Nad 19/04 Mainz or Porto – Milan or Real Final Final 22/04 Winner of the semi-final 1 – Winner of semi-final 2

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