Olympiacos – Virtus Bologna: Inside is Mitru Long

With Mitru- Long in his dozen will be lined up in the game with Virtus Bologna at the SEF for her 28th race. Olympiacos welcomes Virtus Bologna (7/3, 21:15) for the 28th Euroleague race, with Mitrou-Long normally at the disposal of George Bartzokas, as does Williams- Goss. Except for the Pirates remain Thomas Walkap, Giannoulis Larentzacis and Nikola Milutinov. In detail, the mission of the Reds : Williams Goss, Lountzis, Mitru-Long, Kanaan, Papanikolau, Brazdeakis, McKishik, Petrusev, Peters, Petrusuf, Fal, Wright