Olympiacos – Panathinaikos: “Red” supremacy in Karaiskakis in playoffs

Derby – stands out from the Super League’s first playoff program, a match with huge score interest in both teams. Olympiacos hosts Panathinaikos for the third time in this season (the games for the regular duration of the championship and the Greek Cup have been preceded) with the Piraeus team even failing to win the “greens”. The first game between them was discontinued with a score of 1-1 due to the battling that fell and injured Juankar, while in the Cup after 120 minutes of a goalless match for the two teams the game was taken to the penalty. There the “greens” with Lodigin’s hero took the qualification. It is worth noting that the official Super League page in the pre-announcement of the match says that in four meetings between the two teams at playoff level, Olympiacos counts three wins, with Panathinaikos only having one. Typically, the tie between them is absent, and tonight will be the 70th derby of centuries with their home people “reds”. In detail the tradition at Olympiacos – Panathinaikos 69 MEETINGS 31 NIKA OLYMPIAKOS 4 ISOPALIES 14 NIKA PANATHINAIKOS GALL: 88-64

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