Olympiacos – Panathinaikos: Euroleague post with Spanoulis – Diamantidis for derby

Euroleague in front of derby – made a post with Vassilis Spanoulis and Dimitris Diamantidis, two legends of the ages. Specifically, Euroleague a few days before the great Olympic – Panathinaikos battle for the 29th Euroleague race wanted to put the world in the atmosphere of derby, with the federation uploading through its official twitter account a photo with Vassilis Spanoulis and Dimitris Diamantidis. The legends of the two groups have in gold written their own history in the event, even having very great duels while they were active. — Turkish Airlines EuroLeague (@EuroLeague) The Olympiacos – Panathinaikos derby for the 29th Euroleague competition can largely determine the team that will gain a seat advantage for the playoffs of the event.

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