Olympiacos – Maccabi Tel Aviv LIVE the first game for Conference League “16”

He faces her in “Karaiskakis” for the first match in the Conference League “16” with the goal of qualifying, in view of the rematch that will take place due to war, at the Batska Topola stadium in Serbia. After the outstanding performances and the two victories over Ferentswaros in the barrages, Olympiacos wants to continue at the same pace and make the first step against Maccabi Tel Aviv, to be in the quarterfinals of the Conference League. Watch LIVE Olympiacos – Maccabi Tel Aviv from Newsit.gr Piraeusers count seven streak wins in all competitions, and even succeed 6/6 with José Luis Medilibar on their bench and want to certify their good competitive situation and find themselves in their history for the first time to compete April month in the European Cups. Outside of the mission to Olympiacos was Alexandropoulos left due to disturbance in the middle, while Navarro, Martins, Cabral, Vezo, Abby, Biancon and Brinic are not listed on the UEFA list. Rodinei, despite the inconveniences, is expected to compete properly. An impressive season is made by Maccabi Tel Aviv. Besides being a pioneer in the league in Israel (+1 from champion Maccabi Haifa), she also has an excellent presence in Europe, having only one 2–0 defeat from Ghent) in twelve games and a total of nine wins finishing first in the group phase. Out of battle in Maccabi Tel Aviv are the injured defenders Derrick Lukasen, Raj Shlomo and Seran Yeini. Except also left the aggressive Jonas Malende who has not been declared on the European list, but Dan Beeton (blowing). To mention that in Karaiskakis there will also be about 1,500 Israeli friends. To mention that Olympiacos is not doing well against Israeli teams. It measures just one win, three draws and four losses in eight games, but also three exclusions. Referee in the “Karaiskakis” match was appointed by UEFA the Englishman, Craig Powson (First category). His assistants are Simon Bennett, Ian Husin, and in the VAR Chris Cavanaugh with Jared Gillet as his assistant.