Olympiacos – Maccabi Tel Aviv 1-4: Crash in Faliro and with one leg off Conference League

He lived a nightmare in the full “G. Karaiskakis, knowing the crash by Maccabi Tel Aviv 4-1, in their first game for his “16” phase. Israelis are with 1.5 feet in the quarterfinals of the event, since the Piraeus team will have to perform a miracle the following Thursday (14/3) to overturn their situation. Olympiacos made one of the worst appearances in Europe this year. He was caught in sleep four times, with his defense betraying him at the worst part of his European year and giving Maccabi Tel Aviv the chance to get a huge qualification for the Conference League quarterfinals. In the rematch in Serbia in one week, the Medilibar team is invited to make an epic twist. For now, however, she turns her attention to Sunday derby with Panathinaikos for Super League playoffs. The goals of the match : The Nightmare match was the start of the match for Olympiacos, who before he could enter the game, was back in the score with two goals! The Piraeus defense was caught twice in sleep, resulting in Medilibar’s team being with his back against the wall from the start. At 5′ the ball passed under Ese’s feet and next to Recho, reaching Zajavi, who did not say “no” to the gift and wrote 0-1 in person. The red white nightmare continued. In 9′, after a mistake in the middle line space, Peretz made the shot through the area, Paschalakis temporarily expelled but Sahar took the rebound and performed for 2–0 and while unmarked at the height of the penalty. Olympiacos tried to react and reduced to 13′ with the head of the terrible El Kaabi, who does not stop finding nets. And just when everyone thought the model changed hands, Zajavi came to “kill” Olympiacos again. In 30′ Milson passed Rodinei easily onto the line of the out, he returned to the unmarked Zajavi, who wrote 1–3 in person. At 34′, Maccabi’s goalkeeper stopped a difficult shot by Fortunis, while at 35′, Zajavi was short of doing 1-4, missing close by. In the second half, Maccabi Tel Aviv was limited to a passive role, with Olympiacos looking for the goal to reduce the score. In 51′, after an awesome solo by Orta among three players, he gave half a goal to El Kaabi but he did not defeat Mispati from an advantage. The Pirates were then unable to “break” the defence of the Israelis, who without stress maintained the lead two goals. And as if that wasn’t enough, 1-4 came. Olympiacos defense for the fourth time was caught in sleep and Perez unmarked with a turning head scored the Israeli fourth goal at 74”. In 88′ Karvalio had a beam, missing a great opportunity to reduce to 2–4.