Olympiacos: “Is not the case of Tsilouli a distortion? “

He took a position on her announcement of the exclusion of Sotiris Tsilloulis from the mission to games with the AEK, speaking of altering the playoffs due to this treaty. Olympiacos was also placed on the subject of the understanding that existed between Lamia and AEK on the issue of tickets, stressing that after deciding to give tickets to the “Union”, although the game will eventually take place behind closed doors, I say AEK will have to do the same with the other teams. In detail what Olympiacos people reported: “Lamia officially announced that her best player, Tsiloulis (after Carlitos was sold) will not play in games with AEK, while playing in games with Olympiacos, PAOK and PAOK. This in itself does not alter Play Off? Also, as we were informed, there was a deal for AEK’s friends to get tickets. We imagine that Mayor Lamia and owner of the team will not deny the presence of the fans of the other three teams! It is a shame that playoffs are made on such terms and ministers and state to pretend they do not see!”.