Olive Land – next episodes: Virtue Faced with Areopolis’ Month, and John proposes to Athena

Threats cultivate fear, secrets come out into the light and relationships dissolve. What we will see in the next episodes in the series “, ” to be aired by Friday, March 15, 2024. Potis, opening the cafe, finds a note concerning Constantine and loses it. He goes straight to the notary’s office and informs him about it. Olive Land: Episode 113 (Monday 11 March at 21:00) The news of Tasos’ tragic death from arson in the oven shakes Areopolis. Everyone, of course, has heard Virtue threaten to burn the oven and suspicions fall right into it. However, she denies any involvement. Particularly upset is the Basilica, who cannot believe her mother burned a man alive. Potis, opening the cafe, finds a note concerning Constantine and loses it. He goes straight to the notary’s office and informs him about it. Athena and John and Margaret visit Maria in Sounio. There, John makes a very serious suggestion to Maria. Julia faces the greatest surprise of her life when she opens the door and faces Ariadne in front of her. Olive Land: Episode 114 (March 12th at 21:00) Ariadne’s unexpected appearance in Kifisia has filled Julia with joy. For the first time Ariadne is willing to hear the whole story from her mother, but they will also talk about Christos. Kurakos interviews Virtue, who lies to justify itself, including Aspasia. At the same time, however, Virtue swears in the Basilica—who visits her at the Department—that she has nothing to do with Tasos’ horrible death. After the psychologist’s exaggeration, Potis has a conversation with Anna about his fantasies. However, the answer he will get from his wife will not like him at all and take him off his clothes. Meanwhile, in Sounio, John proposes to Athena. Kourakis learns from the evidence of the investigation that Virtue had procured two petrol cans in the previous days and its position makes it difficult. Olive Land: Episode 115 (Thursday 14 March at 21:00) Athena accepts John’s proposal and now she remains to decide whether to move to America. The evidence against Virtue is overwhelming and the people of Areopolis are divided, since many of them believe in her guilt. In despair is the Basilica and is addressed to Lycurgos for help. But he has moral qualms, since he’s certain that Virtue is guilty and wants nothing to do with the case. Ariadne wears the British ring and Julia looks very happy with that move. Miltiades visits the Basilica to support her when Philip has completely turned her back, which makes her doubt enough about her marriage. Virtue is led to the interrogator and her position is becoming increasingly difficult. Ariadne takes the first step towards restoring her relationship with Stathis, hoping that he will forgive her and let her go home. Olive Land: Episode 116 (Friday 15 March at 21:40) Athena and John return to Mani and announce to Philio their decision to marry. But she is not happy with the news, blackening Athena’s joy. Ismeni trembles for the blackmailer’s next “hit” while the tensions between Alcmene and Antonia continue in her company. Julia informs Isidoros that she has become single with Ariadne. Margaret catches Theodora drinking and gets furious. Lycurgus takes charge of the defence of Virtue, but the prosecutor and judge order her custody. Ariadne returns to her base and seeks comfort to Stathis. Philip is certain that Virtue is guilty and this increases the gap between him and the Basilica. Directed by Andreas Georgiou Scenario: Vanna Dimitriou With Nikos Galanos Starring: Paschalis Tsarouchas, Antigone Koulukakou, Tasos Jordanidis, Dora Chrysikos, Vassilis Michas, Elena Christofis, Panikos Pilalis, Iphigenis Jola, Dionysis Papandreou and notary Maximos Moumouris, Antonia Charalambous, Alexandros Martidis, Stefanis Charalambous, Giannis Kritos, Antigone Neofytou, Angeliki Kintoni, Melina Konti, Life Gerazi, Naya T. Karakostas, Vaso Paul, Nicole Christodoulos, Nikos Koss, Miltos Charovas, Irene Tassos Tassos Orestes, George Angelopoulos Angeliki, little Cleo and: Stella Fyrogenis Koulis Nikolaos Vassia Panagopoulos Friendly participation, Angela Gerekou Lykourgos, George Partsalakis In the role of Margaret, Lydia Koniordou Guest star, Maro Kondu Production Run: MAKE IT PRODUCTIONS Production: ALTER EGO MASS MEDIA S.A. MEGA 2022-2023.

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