Old Skiadaresis: My daughters have happened to tell me things that made me feel uncomfortable.

‘ I don’t know if they trust me with everything” admits, among other things, the .In the artistic musical course of his two girls as well as their relationship was mentioned, with tender affection, Gerasimos Skiadaresis when he met Jenny He views Sunday afternoon on ERT’s “Mom-Sees”. “I have a favorite song from the Skiadareses and now I am trying to make Top 10, I promised them. Right now my favorite is “I doubt” but these change. I’m really obsessed, so I’m being tortured, I lie down at night and sing their songs and I can’t sleep. I’m stuck with some lyrics and I’m tortured at night! I mean, I don’t want to, I say “stop, don’t sing it anymore to sleep” but it has haunted me” the actor initially stressed. “We talk together and they will tell me things. I don’t know, of course, if they trust me with everything, there may be things that don’t trust me but generally we talk. And I’ve been told uncomfortable things and they’ve done uncomfortable things, I’ve expressed my embarrassment and they’ve realized that… that was rather too much for Dad and we need to narrow it down a little.” “Sometimes I say ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t do everything anymore and I can’t take it all, feel sorry for me.” I understand, I know, but let me not know some things” Gerasimos Skiadaresis then stressed in his new interview.