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Oily hair: Mistakes that you make and lubricates quickly

If you have fine and greasy hair is definitely the biggest “hair problem”… is that look “oily” and heavy, even if you have washed your hair last night.
You don’t need to freak out and go around everything with a stiff comb over. We found the 3 biggest mistakes you’re doing, and intensify the oiliness of your hair! Find out what these are, in accordance with the and make sure you don’t do it anymore…
Mistake #1: Daily washing your hair:
A lot of my friends who have oily hair, they believe that to bathe every day will make their hair not to lubricate. This is a big myth, as in every wash, the skin of the scalp produces oils to replenish those that were lost in the wash. So, if you bathe every day, will be “obligations” of the skin to further increase the production of natural oils and it will get worse the situation.
Mistake #2: applying conditioner to the root:
The fact that you have oily hair doesn’t mean that you don’t need to use conditioner, but the thing is to know how to use it properly! He tried to spread the conditioner or the mask only to the ¾ of the hair, i.e. only on the edges and not in the root. Putting a product of hydration at the root of it all it’s gonna do is clog the pores and increase the oiliness.
Mistake #3: fiddle with your hair:
Admit it: in the most awkward and stressful times of your life, pay your hair! Many of us, we have the custom to touch with your hands our hair every time we feel weird. What we don’t know, however, is that the more you touch, the more we activate the production of oils from the skin. So you better find another habit to adopt!

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