OFI – Panathinaikos 2-2: New gala and fourth before the playoffs

He flew two more points into the Super League against a team that is in the last positions of the score. Greens stayed in 2-2 with him in Heraklion, retreated to fourth place and were found in -4 by PAOK pioneer before the start of the playoffs. Incorrigible Panathinaikos was unable to leave Heraklion by double. The greens, who were found twice back in the score, stayed at 2-2 with OFI and lost more important ground in the title battle before the playoffs began. The greens flew two more points, retreated to fourth place and will need to make a great effort at the playoffs to cover the -4 from PAOK pioneer, -3 from the second AEK and -1 from the third now Olympiacos. The people of Panathinaikos have many complaints from the arbitration of the struggle. At 90+6’ Lukao stopped the ball by hand in the head of Ioannidis in the area, but the referee and VAR had a different view. The OFI race tried to surprise Panathinaikos and just in the 2nd minute of a Torrinson center, Larson shot hard next to Dragovski’s beams, while in 6’ Iseka’s shot found the Polish goalkeeper who blocked firmly. In 14’ Vayanidis played one or two with Bernard and stepped in the area, avoiding Vouro, but he was unable to turn with a projection of the ball and then collided with Bauman, facing the yellow card. The hosts took a lead in 21’ with Jimenez’s very nice goal. Iseka quickly broke the ball to the Spaniard, who entered the area vertically and with an excellent finish just outside the box made 1-0 for the OFI. Panathinaikos started pushing harder after half-hour and at 36’ found the goal of equalization. Bernard kept the ball out of the area despite the suffocating marking of two players and at the right time he made a vertical pass to Ioannidis who with a nice frame, made 1-1 for the “greens”. In 38’ Bakasetas had a shot outside the area he fought against and left a corner, while in 44’ by atomic energy and shot by Palasios, Bauman performed a great operation in his corner. The “greens” started loudly in the second half and in 46’ they first stepped in the area of OFI, with Ioannidis serving to Bakaseta, who did not produce properly, sending the ball out. In 52’ Palasios’ shot found Bauman ready, while in 54’ of another vertical pass by Bernard to Ioannidis, the Greek fort came out in a te-a-tet, but his frame hit the beam and left out. Bauman performed in 62’ terrible surgery on Acaideen’s head after Bernard’s centra, while in 64’ from Bakaseta’s shot, Torrinson put a lifesaving screening for his team and drove away to a corner. At 65’s Hugo’s header from Bakasetta’s corner, while at 75’’ the OFI won a penalty in a overthrow of Larson by Cherin, which he counted from a relevant update by VAR Papapetrou and on field review himself on the monitor. Iseka took the execution at 81’ and defeated Dragovski, despite Polish goalkeeper’s attempt, making 2-1 for OFI. Panathinaikos’ “answer” was direct, with Sporar tied to 2-2 at 83″. From Mancini’s low centra, Slovenian forr entered the course of the ball and by direct execution he again tied for the “greens”. At 88’ from a center of Mladenović, Sporar with a pinhead sent the ball just above the horizontal beam, while in the last minute of the delays Panathinaikos protested Lucas’ hand. The compositions of the two groups: OFI (Trian Dellas): Bauman, Larson, Torrinson, Lambropoulos, Meyado, Bakic (74’ Glaser), Baku (74’ Louise Felipe), Apostolakis (59’ Abada), Jimenez (59’ Riera), Iseka (87’ Lucao). PANATHINAIKOS (Fatich Terim): Dragovski, Vayanidis (70’ Kotsiras), Akaidin, Hugo, Mladeniovic, Zeka (70’ Sporar), Cherin, Palasios (70’ Mancini), Bakasetas, Bernard, Ioannidis.