Odessa: Five killed by the Russian attack at the time of the visit Mitsotakis

Five killed by the Russian attack at the time the visit of the Greek Prime Minister was underway, Moscow claims that it hit a hangar of drones. According to the newspaper “Ukrainska Pravda”, five people were killed by the Russian attack at Odessa Harbour facilities, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy reported. The president of Ukraine, Volondimir Zelenski and the Greek Prime Minister, were in Odessa and heard the explosion nearby. President of Ukraine Zelensky at press-conference with PM of Greece in Odesa: there are dead and beaten in missile strike against Odesa today, and we’ve seen that strike (new delegation) — Liveuamap (@Liveuamap) Moscow took responsibility for the missile attack, claiming it hit a base of drones, remote-controlled floating media. “Mission accomplished. The target was hit,” the Russian Ministry of Defence reported in a social media post. The Reuters agency was unable to verify this claim. From Telegram… Zelensky arrived in Odessa today to meet with the Greek Prime Minister and reward the special operations soldiers for the sabotage in Crimea. An award ceremony was provided to take place in the port, and it was there at 11:43 that an expansion Occured, allegedly… — Peacemaker (@peacemaket71) According to the Russian ministry, he was hit “a hangar in the merchant zone of the port of Odessa, in which unmanned floating vehicles were being prepared for combat by the Ukrainian armed forces”. According to a Ukrainian senior naval officer, Russia has launched more than 880 attacks with unmanned aircraft and more than 170 missiles on Odessa Harbour infrastructure since last July. Moscow has intensified its attacks on the port since mid-July, when it left the agreement under which it allowed the safe passage of ships carrying Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea.