NOW: The first Results of Achaia – What they say the polls

Started the counting of votes in all polling centres were closed normally on time…
with the voter turnout for the elections of the New Republic to exceed every expectation and here in Achaia.
Results from the Arctic District of Patras:
Μειμαράκης 62,
Mitsotakis 25,
Georgiadis, 17,
Discover 15
and two void.
The results from the Beach of Patras.
In particular:
Μειμαράκης 81,
Mitsotakis 46,
Discover 33,
Georgiadis 17
4 void.
Results from the Σαγέικα:
Μειμαράκης 86,
Discover 29,
Mitsotakis 7,
Georgiadis 6
and a white.
Results from the polling station at the arsakeio school of Patras:
Μειμαράκης 241,
Mitsotakis 114,
Discover 54
and Adonis Georgiadis, 53.
Void found 7 ballots.
Results from the polling station in Lappa Achaias:
Μειμαράκης 112,
Mitsotakis 45,
Discover 39,
Georgiadis 5
and cancel 1.
The results are in, and in Klitoria with the Μειμαράκη to take 62, the Mitsotakis 45, the be Discover 34, Georgiadis, 6 and was found and an invalid.
The first results came from Kalavryta with the
Μειμαράκη to take 101 votes,
Mitsotakis 41,
Georgiades, 26,
Discover 17,
while found and two void ballots.

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