NOW: See the results of the election.D. in New york. Karditsa

18 polling stations functioned in Sunday in the prefecture of Karditsa for the election of a new president in the New Republic…
At 20:00 started the counting of ballot papers of candidates, and the KarditsaLive.Net your show follows the results as they become known.
With accounted for half of the polling stations 9/18 (except of Karditsa and other urban centres, which are the largest) Mr. Meimarakis record victory clean with Mr. Τζιτζικώστα to be second-in votes.

And the prime Minister of England, an advocate of the electronic cigarette: electronic cigarette is a main way of improving the health of the nation”

The subject of the e-cigarette and high success rates in smoking cessation has arrived at the highest political level in the United Kingdom, with prime minister David Cameron to stresses, following a parliamentary question, that…
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