Now I remember making CONTROLS FOR submarines take … The fact that Venizelos BUY SUB aging NOT TO DISTURB???

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(Title) sweeping controls in all directions out recently the Financial Crime, Public Order at the companies that had undertaken the construction of new submarines and frigates in the Navy. The data collected daily are very revealing and in accordance with these reasonable suspicion even fictitious transactions between individual companies. The Prosecution of Misdemeanors of Athens conducting preliminary investigation and requested the assistance of foroelegktikou mechanism of the Ministry of Finance to support investigating the operations is carried out in order to investigate any crime committed on the contract between IDW and Greek shipyard on the new submarines, but also Agreement between the Ministry of National Economy (National Economy), as was then called the Ministry of Finance, Netherlands Thales and Greek shipyard for modernization of six frigates of the Navy. It has not yet appropriate to open bank accounts committee members for approval, cost, etc. for the modernization of the frigates.
Make special mention of the auditors of the Ministry of Finance to the fact that the Greek shipyard dispute the transactions with these companies and foreign Money invoices sent to a bank account in Austria.
From SDOE identified and another bill, amounting to 2.5 million, of which there are reasonable grounds for believing that these services are not provided and therefore the investigators simulation of tax records and found that the registration of the tax information at the end uses of the controlled company were to issue invoices Cassation, which also advocates the formulation of these disputes. The invoice issued by a Greek company data which is available to “The Step».
Also been provided with information on Financial Crime Action English firm to pay fees relating to the request of German submarines Navy. This information, either by judicial assistance to be requested by the competent prosecutor or an administrative assistance requested by the Financial Crime will cross next time.

The audit made in carrying out orders for the Public investigation of committing criminal offenses related to the contract between the Ministry of National Economy and Thales Netherlands and further contract between Thales Netherlands and Greek shipyard for modernization of six frigates of the Navy from the data thus far identified, including differences in the invoice issued to the MOD and sent to the Financial Crime on legal assistance and the amount produced by the Ministry of Defence. Specifically, the difference found in taftarithmo invoice (two different invoices issued by the same number), worth 23 million. To date these have not been able foroelegktikes services to identify the incentive issue such an invoice, even if found to have met once. This does not ultimately be communicated to the competent prosecutor, the act of issuing an invoice taftarithmou that anyway refer to forgery.
Regarding the contracts between the companies involved with the incident which had taken over the offsets of the above contract The Financial Crime has reasonable evidence and investigate the possible simulation of certain services. The dispute stems from the fact that controlled companies have to deliver proof material, showing the services rendered. However, completion of the Public Order still taking statements from relevant officers of the Navy who participated in the drafting and implementation of this contract.

In the case of underwater inspection authorities Ministry of Finance have identified the invoices to the Greek shipyard business based in India and companies based in the islands of Curacao and the Netherlands Antilles, Liberia and Cyprus, of approximately 5.5 million for services.
According to other information between the services is to promote the corporate interests of the Greek shipyard in Bolivia, a country which has, of course, the sea.

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13-6 – 2010

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