Norway: Innocent declares 44-year-old on trial for the gay bar massacre in Oslo

Innocent said at the start of his trial the suspect for the murder attack shortly before his parade in 2022. Norwegian Iranian-born Zaniar Matapur, aged 44 today, is accused of opening fire at two bars, one of which was London Pub, a nightclub popular in the LGBTQ community, on the night of June 25, the day on which Pride’s march in Oslo community would take place in the Norwegian capital. From the fire two people fell, a 54-year-old and 60-year-old man, and were wounded 9. Matapour was controlled by passersby during his attempt to escape. The defendant with the dense gray beard, presented with white kehiya, a handkerchief worn by many Muslims, is tried for terrorist action in the form of homicides and attempted homicides “that aimed at sowing terror to the population.” “Terrorist action is serious as it caused the loss of human lives and put other human lives at serious risk,” prosecutor Sturla Henriksbe said today when reading the indictment against the 44-year-old in a Oslo court. He denies his guilt and answers questions When asked if he confesses to the charges he was charged with, Matapour responded negatively. He also protested the conduct of his trial during Ramadan. The defendant, who refused to answer questions made to him during his interrogation, has made no statement regarding his motives. According to one of the main theories of the Norwegian police, he deliberately targeted the gay community motivated by religious fanaticism. Recording presented by the prosecution shows that Matapur had declared faith in the Islamic State just before the attack. However, there are also doubts about his mental health. In August two special psychiatrists concluded that he was criminally responsible at the time of the incident, while a third found the opposite. In the first case he may be sentenced to 30 years in prison with the possibility of an extension. In the second, confinement to a psychiatric security structure. His trial, which may bring back to light deficiencies of Norwegian security services, is expected to last until May 16.

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