No sign from the Pentagon of UFOs.

There is nothing out there, reports it as no evidence was found of alien technology and concluded that most sightings were common objects. Government investigations carried out since the end of World War II on UFOs found no evidence of alien technology, it refers to a Pentagon report given today (08.03.2024) in public. In 2022 the Pentagon had announced that the then newly created AARO service (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) had not found evidence suggesting that aliens visited Earth or that alien spaceships crashed. Under the National Defence Authorization Act of 2023 AARO had to give Congress a report detailing the history of research of “unidentified abnormal phenomena” (UAP), from 1945 onwards. He delivered the first two volumes last week, Pentagon spokesperson, Colonel Pat Ryder, reported, in an announcement accompanying the unclassified version published. “AARO found no evidence that some research by the American government, research with academic support or some official panel confirmed that some UAP sighting constituted alien technology,” it refers to the report’s summary. “Although many reports of UAP remain unexplained, AARO estimates that if there were more and better quality data, most of these cases could also be explained as ordinary objects or phenomena,” he added. The report says that since 1945 the US government has funded research to determine whether UAPs pose a risk to flight safety, whether they are technological jumps of competing countries or evidence of a “technology outside this world” by intelligent beings. It also states that there is a returning narrative in popular culture that the government – or some secret organization within it – has recovered “many spaceships and alien biological remains” and implements “retrospective technical research” programs to acquire this technology. “AARO acknowledges that many people sincerely believe these versions. The aim of the report is not to prove or deny any set of beliefs but to use a strictly analytical and scientific approach to investigate past UAP research efforts funded by the American government.” “AARO did not find empirical evidence of allegations that the US government and private companies acquired alien technology through retrospect technical research,” the report continues. “AARO has considered, based on all available information to date, that claims concerning specific individuals, known locations, technological experiments and documents allegedly related to the reproduction of alien technology are inaccurate”. According to this text, other claims will be analysed in a second volume. U.S. armed forces have spent decades repulsing, demysing, and depreciating sightings of unidentified flying objects and “flying saucers” dating back to the 1940s. The Pentagon reported two years ago that its investigations led to hundreds of new reports, but nothing suggesting intelligent alien life.