No more drowning kids.

Writes Anna Δεληγιάννη-Τσιουλπά
My angel,How to celebrate Christmas this year… when you didn’t ,when your dream ended in the icy waters of the Aegean sea !
I’m trying, but I can’t ,a pain hidden bleeding, my insides as the image of the little Christ is coming in my eyes !
The sea for me the ψαροθρόφα happened νεκροθάλασσα !
I am appalled gazing on the screams ,the desperate ,futile cries of the parents who were left with empty arms.
I am appalled that you don’t tremble, and those who shape the fortunes of the good of their own and the bad of the weak!
I am appalled why the leaves of ημεροδείχτη dwindle, and a year’s almost over, taking with it thousands of souls !Truth how to celebrate the coming of Your Lord!
Fear, hunger, κατατρεγμοί like to live in the abyss since I don’t feel ,they don’t listen,they don’t understand the adults that their plans are killing the kids, and don’t let them be just children!
We suffer under the terrible pictures but arrogance breeds hatred, and this road only leads only to death!
I am appalled why this drama is real without dancing ,only with crowd drowned and the wild soothes the soul!
I’m sitting in a corner possessed by unspeakable bitterness !How to celebrate Your birth, Sir!
Incoherent forces, “εωσφόροι” ,they fight to sort out the “want” them and destroy humanity!
No ,no more innocent victims, let’s settle the dust settled ,let’s legislate human Forces because the pleasure of the cinders sting the eyes ,not stare into the evil and the unjust!
Anna Δεληγιάννη-Τσιουλπά