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Parker-Davis Campaign Items, ca. 1904 Politics
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(Title) errors, omissions and tragicomic findings suggest irrational functioning in various departments and agencies of government found in the process of the census of civil servants, which amounts to 768.009.

Many were those who did not know if they were obliged to register or not, so the phones in the legal services of local businesses took fire, and workers do not know whether or not it should submit their data. Eventually, they learned that at this stage does not inventory the employees of private legal entities.

However, except as a mistake or an overzealous “declared” in the census, for example, some pensioners government contract or whose contracts had expired, there have been cases of officials who deliberately or “reaction” abstained from the process of inventory. For example, regarded by the ministry might not quite have surveyed employees who were paid from separate accounts and were required be identified and reported by an employee, who declined to be surveyed due to religious beliefs!

However there are officials who are not counted for serious reasons, for health reasons. For example, a teacher, which was on leave when he began the inventory and had to submit data on returning to Athens, told Kathimerini that during the holiday had to be hospitalized when they had recovered the most complete process, since it had expired and the extension. According to the Ministry of Interior officials who for health reasons and other reasons of “force majeure”, such as described by Minister John Ragousis not surpassed a record will have this option, stating natural causes and non-inventory .

Also, the inventory identified a number of double counting staff, which was resolved immediately and the system counted AFM unique and therefore not counted. In unorthodox government is that all 188 addresses identified dozens of addresses in any part also dozens of sections with only one employee, several sections with head but without officials even several segments without head and without any employees.

One of the tragicomic public record of the departments, which shows that there is a “joy of power. Specifically, with respect to employees of the abolition of prefectures found that almost one third of staff position held by department head, manager or director, that for every three employees representing a head. In several prefectures recorded sections and departments without employees.

As pointed out by the leaders of the Ministries of Finance and Interior, in late August – early September will be available detailed and accurate data on the number of workers employed by agencies and organizations. The aim is to convey the full picture of the Greek government, to identify any inconsistencies with legislation and also to record what services are needed movements and transfers of staff.

Recalled that after the voluntary transfers, which completed by mid-August will begin mandatory, while the inventory of personnel in the general government sector (public utilities, private entities) are expected to start in September.

Her Elena Karanatsi

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