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Nikos Dendias: “The government pays the big lies and pre-election deception of the citizens”

Nikos Dendias on the show. “Now,” the broadcaster Sky
The Parliamentary Spokesman and Mp for Athens B in the New Republic, Nicos Dendias, participated in a debate on the political developments this morning on the show “Now,” presented by the journalist Anna Μπουσδούκου to the tv station Sky.
Among other things, mr. Dendias said:
· On the previous government we created a modern service, Asylum for refugees, with rates of granting asylum, which went up from 0 to 9%
· The refugee is primarily a migrant. We delivered a complete plan that does not apply. As I said in the House if they want they can ask us.
· There should be open infrastructure for them eligible for asylum and vulnerable groups and closed to illegal immigrants.
· The government abandoned the program returns illegal immigrants, there was, and he did absolutely nothing.
· Tries really mr Μουζάλας the last three months to clarify the situation. But think about while there was a service for the utilization of eu funds for the migration, the government of SYRIZA-ANEL canceled in practice, and only 7 months later legislated the new managing authority that would absorb money.
· The result of non-utilization of funds it was around this time the refugee-migrant to pay for the Greek taxpayer out of pocket.
· The government and the predecessor of mr Μουζάλα competent minister made criminal mistakes in the migration.
· And in the insurance the government pays the big lie and the electoral deceit of the citizens.
· We are against the closure of the roads, but those proposed by the government for farmers-professionals it is true that it can be applied.
· The government doesn’t know where you’re stepping, and where it is. And the worst part is that they began to reappear in the articles about grexit.

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