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(Title) filed next week in parliament, the settlement of debts of the hospitals to suppliers.
Does debt pushed to 5.2 billion euros.
Cash will be paid 240 million euros and the remaining will be repaid in three government bonds.
Meanwhile, public health continues to lie in tatters as it is now the everyday images in public hospitals can not provide basic care and doctors who are working and retention of patients in one unending suffering.
Doctors diaminyoun not have the necessary materials, and is not forced to make even emergency surgery.
Only Tzaneio the waiting list for orthopedic surgery at the hospital has more than 2,000 patients.
Meanwhile, speaking on television SKAI Nicholas Polyzos, c the Department of Health stressed that the materials designated emergency, arriving at the hospital the very day they need .
reference to design supplies, said they have come on the air, while three years had not been at all.
«We take care in the emergency, but do their bidding,” said Mr. Polyzos, stressing that he understands the difficulties.

He said that every morning there is cooperation of governors of the hospitals with supplies Health Committee so that issues could be resolved within days.
«This is a difficult negotiation with a huge problem that comes from the past, “said Mr. Polyzos, expressing the hope that this week will conclude an agreement with suppliers.
« The goal is the end of June, the bill yourgeiou, The situation has normalized, “said SG.

also said there still is not the time to announce a merger of the hospital, but saying that” looking at the hospitals one by one ».
Finally Speaking on the call, noted that already approved for the months January to March and is subject to approval of the months of April-May

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Permanent Campaign: Impact of Technology on Politics Politics
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