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(Title) racist attacks by “angry Ellinarades” received yesterday at 2 am the Afghan foreign workers residing in the village or Savior Kouskouna Areopolis, the City of Laconia nbspItilou.
According to the notice of police management Laconia, about ten people, wearing hoods, entered the house of Afghan laborers and after they hit with wood, left shooting into the air gun and disappeared into the night in their cars. Four Afghans were transported by injuries early in Areopolis Health Center and then to Sparta hospital for medical tests yesterday afternoon were discharged and returned home. Police sources said that in recent weeks there has been some tension between local people and Afghan workers because small claims. Yesterday’s outbreak of racism is the second employs the prosecuting authorities of Sparta in recent months. On the night of February 5, 2010 a group of 13 juveniles, including ten minors pupils aged 14-17 years, challenged with improvised incendiary devices fire to house migrant workers from Bangladesh in order to scare them. The fire extended to the floor of the house while the occupants of immigrants saw the flames and escaped literally the last minute. A few hours later, the young hung on the Internet video of arson had taken with their mobile phone. The movement “Solidarity with Immigrants” immediately after anti-racism rally held in Sparta, to condemn the violent incident, while the MC Laconia SYRIZA’s talked about “the egg of the snake appeared in Sparta».


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