Newest to the circuit’s drug trafficking that are dislocated in Magnesia

Dislocated after the systematic and methodical investigation of the… Department of Narcotics in Volos, a large criminal organization involved in drug trafficking (heroin) in the areas mainly of Magnesia and of Attica.
The organization consisted of a total of eight persons, of which three leading members that guided the action of the other five people who had a peripheral role.
More specifically, it is:
– four people, two men, aged 49 and 58 years of age and one 36-year-old (leaders), as well as
– five men, aged 34, 30, 42, 39 and 34 years (regional executives).
Against them formed file κακουργηματικού character for the offences of setting up and participating in a criminal organisation and of the infringement of the law on drugs.
In the context of a thorough police investigation, reviewed the central and leading role of leadership, the internal structure and the hierarchical relationship of the members, the regional role of the other members, as well as the ongoing and systematic action of the organization.
In particular, the organisation that has been active at least since the beginning of last August, it was managed by the two national and the 36-year-old, as leaders.
In particular, the three captains gave orders to the other members of the organisation for procurement and sale of drugs, in activities which many times were in and of themselves.
In addition, they carried quantities of drugs, mainly from the region of Attica, in Volos, either with their own vehicles, or by public transportation means. Then, hid in houses and bunkers – hiding places, where the further processing of the heroin prior to the disposal of the users.
The remaining five members of the organization joined in this by having a regional role. These individuals, users, and themselves, they sold quantities of heroin directly to other users, and a decent free doses and amounts of money, which is then handed to the heads.
One of the regional states used the store in Volos as a front, in order to distribute the drugs.
It is noted that two regional members of the organization were arrested during the months of investigation for offences regardless of the action of a criminal organisation and are incarcerated in correctional institutions.
As can be seen from the progress of the police investigations, the more members of a criminal organisation were equipped with multiple phone connections that did not correspond to the real names (ghostphones), while in between the telephone consultation using the “code terminology”.
The quantity of heroin trafficked from the middle of last October until today, it is estimated in (1.200) grams approximately, while the illegal benefit of a criminal organisation, during this period, it is estimated that amounts to at least (40.000) euros.
During wide-scale police operation which took place yesterday (22-12-2015) in athens and Volos, from officers of the Department of Narcotics in Volos, were arrested a total of six people, members of a criminal organisation.
In particular, two of the leading members of the 49χρονος and the 36-year-old, they drove from Volos to Athens.X. passenger car, where they met with the 58χρονο (leading member), from whom they received a quantity of heroin to transport you to the city of Volos.
After the completion of the transaction, the officers arrested him 58χρονο, while the other two accomplices have been stopped and arrested at the toll Αφιδνών, in collaboration with policemen of the second Department of Highway Patrol, Attica.
In business that followed in the city of Volos, arrested three members of the organisation, while the remaining two, aged 39 and 34 years, have not been arrested since they are incarcerated in prisons.
In the context of the investigations carried out in the presence of Judicial Officers and the assistance of a police dog, in houses, vehicles, and the possession of the members of the organization, total found and seized:
– (904,04) grams of heroin,
– (220,1) grams of cannabis,
– (204) drugs, tablets,
– electronic scales,
– the amount of 11.715,05) euros,
– (3) laptops and a tablet,
– (12) mobile phones and 14 SIM cards, as well as,
– (5) vehicles, four of which I.X. passenger cars and a scooter a moped.
At the same time, formed of a case to a misdemeanor in weight even (22) nationals, men and women, for drug use.
The arrested, against them formed file, will be brought to mr public Prosecutor at first instance of Volos.
The preliminary investigation carried out by the Department of Narcotics in Volos.