New York puts soldiers in Metro to fight crime

Her state is developing military in to deal with crime. The relevant announcement was made by Democratic governor, Kathy Hokull. After a series of incidents of violence in the New York Metro, it was decided to place a thousand members of the National Guard, the equivalent of military, and U.S. city police. As Democratic governor, Kathy Hocul, announced on Wednesday (06.03.2024), New York proceeded to this measure after an incident with shots fired in mid-February at a Bronx station, during which one man was killed and five others were injured. In late February, a Metro driver was attacked with a knife at a Brooklyn station. The number of serious crimes on the transport network was launched by 50%, in January compared to the same month in 2023. “These appalling and shameless attacks against our metro network will not be tolerated,” the governor stressed. The development of National Guard soldiers will aim to help New York police, in order to enhance passenger bags checks at stations with the greatest movement. New York City mayor, Democrat Eric Adams, a former police chief elected in 2021 with the promise to restore security to the city after the Covid pandemic, also announced strengthening these controls. Kathy Hokull promised the installation of additional closed circuit cameras and announced the plan to make it easier to ban access to the subway to people convicted for attacking a transport system employee. Prior to the incidents that occurred in recent years, the most serious incident had occurred in April 2022, when a man opened fire on a train in Brooklyn, in rush hour, resulting in dozens of people being injured.