New Street: Traffic arrangements on the Highway Athens – Thessaloniki – Evzoni

Traffic arrangements will apply to the A.T.E. with a view to performing technical tasks. In particular, as of today (11.3.2024) and tomorrow (12.3.2024), the right lane of traffic will be excluded at the height of the A/C Tatoiu, 16.8 km, traffic to Lamia. At the same time, in the same traffic stream, there will be a blockade of the highway entry industry by A/C Tatoiu. Drivers to the ATHE heading towards Lamia will be driven through appropriate marking for entry into the Motorway through the nearest node (A/K) Pyrnas, 18.77 km. It is noted that work will take place from 22:00 to 06:00. New Street has taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety and service of drivers, while relevant temporary markings will be placed with the aim of fully informing all drivers. The New Road thanks for understanding and draws the attention of drivers as the latter must comply fully with the relevant marking.