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New “race” of the Bishop Ambrose with him. Friend – Will sound death knell on Saturday in the town of Aigio

The days of Christmas last year, the bells in the town of Aigio sounded mournfully after the decision of the Bishop Ambrose, as…
measure of protest against the pact of cohabitation for same-sex couples, an initiative that was indeed a matter of panhellenic range of MEDIA with a variety of comments.
This time, his Eminence gives a new command, as written in the filodimos.en to strike in mourning, the bells in Aigio on Saturday at 11 in the morning and for half an hour, for the purpose, as announced by the Holy Metropolis, the strong protest of the local Church and of the people against the effort of the government, by the Minister of Education, mr Nicholas Friend, to degrade and marginalize the Orthodox Church.
As it complements the objective of “to offend the Orthodox creed and the conscience of the believer Greek People, exercising an unprecedented fierce, intense and harsh war against the Church of Greece, which is expressed both by a series of measures, such as the alteration and degradation of the course of religion in θρησκειολογικό, the creation of a ουδετερόθρησκου State and through the provocative and ανιστόρητων statements of the Minister of Education by which distort and deny the historical, sacrificial and national role of the Church in difficult periods of the Greek history”.
As stated in the announcement, “the awakening of our people and the preservation of the national, ecclesiastical and cultural identity arises now in our days more necessary and urgent”.

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