New measures against oil contamination from October

    The latest amendments to Annex I of MARPOL to prevent oil pollution are expected to be in…
    application 1 October 2016, according to the Ministry of Shipping of the government of Hong Kong.
    The amended regulation provides that the waste oil tank spaces, mechanical equipment should be transported through a special pump for the collection of oil residues and the tank should not have a discharge connection with the system of catchment, tank reservation of oil and water separators oil-water.
    In addition, the oil tankers with a mixed weight of 150 tonnes will need to have an approved Ship-to-Ship (STS) business plan.
    All the oil tankers must be equipped with an instrument for the stabilization hardware and software that will be in a position to guarantee compliance with the conditions of integrity and stabilisation of losses in each operational condition.
    According to the Ministry of Shipping, ship owners, operators and the πηδαλιούχοι of local oil tankers will have to take into account and comply directly to the modified settings.