New “heat” episode by Stefanos Kasselakis with journalist: “You look and you look”

Another “warm episode” seems to have had its president, and this time, with a journalist covering his party’s story. According to the post made by the journalist himself, the incident took place on Saturday (8/6/24), on the eve of the European elections, that is, during the relaxed exit of Stefanos Kasselakis, with the journalists covering SYRIZA’s report. According to the post, when Stefanos Kasselakis sat near the journalist, he asked him “if his showy way, that is to say, to show his expensive houses at the time when the world cannot stand anywhere is consistent with the Ethos of the Left that he invokes.” Then, according to what the journalist writes in his post, the following dialogue followed: Kasselakis: You’re a liar. Journalist: Fuck you, you idiot. You look good. Then, according to the journalist, Stefanos Kasselakis “stand up and leave angry showing his limits and somewhere there the modest ceremony ended”… However, according to the reporter’s post “he came after his departure to greet me guiltyly by saying “hello left counter”” … All this, on the eve of the European elections, at the otherwise relaxed meeting that Stefanos Kasselakis had with journalists covering SYRIZA.