New Democracy or party monster magnet?

    After yesterday’s complaints to the president of the electoral commission…
    SW Philip Ταυρή, for fraud in all the προσυνεδριακών procedures of the party of the Avenue, which comes “bundled” with the fraud in the processes of ONNED, hangs a big question: Talk about the New Democracy with the principles and values of the founder or the small closed party Kyriakos Mitsotakis on?The upcoming Conference will answer to this, since it is expected that the peak of the “democratic” dialogue, as understood by the new leadership of the SOUTHWEST. And don’t be fooled by the consultation on the new Statute. This is food for voters who “think” that participating in something they cannot control. So just hot air. It’s more of a ploy to be invited Σημιτικοί, River and other irrelevant than the answer to the problems of Greece. (By the way: This Thanasis Kontogeorgis associate of Simitis, head of the government’s programme of SW, because it’s taking so long? When you are finished with the writing? I have heard that the leadership of the SOUTHWEST calls for elections? With what program will run it?)
    The writing sample of the party, Mitsotakis, came from the ONNED, where it is not satisfied with the outcome of the ballot box – that took (please) appointed chairman by Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
    The slogan “Oxygen” is perfectly expressed by the Congress of the new party Mitsotakis, but refers to the oxygen that we need to get on the 3rd floor of the Avenue.
    It smells burnt…
    “The Center-Right”