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New attack Nikolopoulos to the government: do Not answer the ερωτηματά the list Lagarde

The theme of the list Lagarde reset with a new question to the Minister of Justice, the deputy of Achaia, Nikos Nikolopoulos, requesting information on the progress of the …controls, to get the answer that “you are not allowed by law the provision of any information at any time for the progress of any investigations, let alone the testimony of any authority or of any document relevant to the investigation”.
The main questions tabled by mr Nikolopoulos without to get answer is the following:
It is true that under the list there is a link individuals, and accounts, which shows operation of a shadow banking system, which has been created to move money more often than “black”to you?
The file with the name “Special_care_clients” includes only numbers of clients and no names?
Did with regard to the above file, this is for special customers, sensitive handling encrypted data, and “high risk”, as noted by the bank?
It is true that from these accounts they have been trafficked mythical amounts of money, while as also noted, there are deposits in the range of 3.5 billion. dollars?
To be deposited with the accounts with the suspicious and exploratory movements.