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Need Wee Should We Greece?

Need Wee Should We Greece?

Greeks need sympathy now,but their European partners should bring up better countermeasures. The New Blood Pressure Monitor for Summer It requires people to discuss further causes that lead to Greece’s plight carefully instead of preaching that Greece is old lag in making default.It is Said That the Designer of Infrared Thermometer will Resign Soon

During the last few hundred years, the only default record was not outstanding (the only default of this country took place occurred in 1931 to 1932 last century, and it was not the only country involved in the trouble). In the modern history of Greece, what occurs frequently is that foreign forces’ unusual interference in its internal affairs. The first king of Greece was imposed foreign countries. The original political parties of Greece were named from the third power countries which gave it maximum intensity of interference. The grave situation during the Nazi occupation is an extreme manifestation of foreign interference. In only one winter, tens of thousands of people died of famine, hundreds of villages were burned in Greece. What is more common but unknown for most people is the intensity of the interference of British and American: They left no stone unturned to control the Greek government departments and intelligence organizations etc. by diplomats, missions and consultants.3 New You Should Know

Until the dictatorship was established in 1967, the Greeks still feel the interference from what they called “foreign meaning”. One way of democratic consolidation process that began from the collapse of dictatorship in 1974 was an effort to recover liberty as a country that knows little about liberty. During these 20 years, the system similar to the bipartisan system has worked steadily in Greece and the military influence in politics has been always marginalized. While, what`s irony is the European Union Member States identity of Greek brings it both benefit and obstruction. It improves the living standards of the Greeks,so that the process of democratic renewal has become stable. However,the inflow of funds has led the Greeks to ignore the structural problems in their economies.

This time, people know that Greece will pay for what it has done. But the challenge in politics is huge, so what those Greeks who protest against plans on reducing the budget, ask for the resonate memory in history. The deputy Prime Minister of Greece asked how could Germany teach moral lessons for Greece while denying its historical responsibility and its compensation for war damages in Greece?

Greece is one of the countries who have traditionally been most in favor of European integration in the Union,the crisis seriously damaged the image of Europe in this country. In the present financial disaster, what equate the word of “Europe” are not the social market, justice, democracy or peace, but the single currency maintenance and the rigid deflation system behind it. In the past, European Union using the promise that awarding member state identity to make democracy root along south Europe, then root in the former communism home in Eastern Europe. In order to avoid the infringement of the political independence of these countries from the euro discipline, we must find a more united approach to defend it.

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