NBA Results: Another stormy appearance by Luka Dodsic

He was storming for another match, with the superstar of the Dallas Mavericks leading his team to win against the Detroit Pistons with a score of 142–124, in the game he stood out from his games . Luca Dodsic, with… acquired speed from the All-Star Game, became the first player in the NBA to score for the sixth consecutive triple-double game and more than 30 points, leaving in second place the relevant table, Russell Westbrook for five. Slovenian “magic”, scored 39 points, took 10 rebounds and “shared” 10 assists, leading the Dallas Mavericks to a comfortable win over the Detroit Pistons by 142–124. At the same time, although they were deprived for a second consecutive match of the French ace, Victor Webanyama (ed. ankle injury), but also Devin Vasile, the San Antonio Spurs prevailed with 126–113 of the Warriors. Still, despite the 45 (!) points of Kevin Durant (ed.s. also had 10 rebounds and six assists), the Finnix Sans lost home to the Boston Celtics 117–107. Jason Tatum (p. 29 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists) and Jaylen Brown (27 points) were the top of the showdown. Finally, the Denver Nuggets, who had a 34-point lead in the half, crushed the Utah Jazz by 142-121, having as the protagonist, with 37 points, Jamal Murray. Ortland-Toronto 128-118 (par.) Denver- Utah 142-121 Charlotte-Bruklin 110-99 Detroit-Dalas 124-142 Phoenix-Boston 107-117 Golden State- San Antonio 113-126 LA Clippers-Sicago 112-102