National Serbia: With Gacinovic and Zivkovic but without Mladenovic the March calls

The mission of the National Serbia included the team’s upcoming friendly games, with Philip Mladenovic on his part being “cut”. In particular, both Mijat Gachinovic and Andrija Zivkovic saw their names on the National Serbia calls for the team’s coming games against Russia and Cyprus. On the contrary, federal elector Dragan Stojkovic left out Philip Mladenović who had in default. The other Serbian footballer of Panathinaikos Philipi Jurisic had been “cut off” by default and therefore neither is he on his National team’s calls. Селектор репрезентаци Руси It is worth noting that Mladenovic has so far had a continuous presence in National Serbia with Dragan Stojkovic’s choice being a surprise for several.

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