National Bank: The first dual card to be used as debit card and as credit card

Create the first one that will be able to be used as a debit and credit card, announced . It is the Dual debit card which offers flexibility, as the holder can use it in different ways for every need. The card holder’s options multiply, since the debit card is used for daily transactions and withdrawals, according to the National Bank. At the same time, the card holder can also use it as a credit card, triggering the respective limit for better liquidity management. The Dual card holder enjoys user capabilities and ensures at the same time: Reward in Go For More points, with each purchase to thousands of partner companies of the program. Payable through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Xiaomi Pay and Garmin Pay. Online monitoring and management of all card features through the National Bank’s Digital Banking. Making online purchases safely through the Mastercard® Identity CheckTM secure transaction service (Strong Customer Identification for e-commerce transactions). Free travel insurance. Building tax-free. Dimitris Plessas, Assistant Director General Cards & Digital Business, said: “Today, the National Bank expresses its open and human-centric approach through new innovative solutions that it plans, always focusing on the customer.” The new Dual card is an innovative product, the only one in the Greek market that offers our customers freedom of choice in managing their finances by choosing each time the use of its debit or credit functionality. For our customers to have a solution for both their small and daily needs and the big ones. All of us at the National Bank intend to continue to develop services and products with the aim of upgrading the customer’s banking experience. To always be the first choice Bank for everyone, with a new image, new model of service in stores, new dynamics and leading role in digital banking.”

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